Tom DeWeese Goes to Camp American

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Tom DeWeese Goes to Camp American

You’ve never heard Tom DeWeese like this. No prepared script. No organized format. Just Tom DeWeese one-on-one with a group of students. 

Tom DeWeese goes to camp - Camp American to be exact. It’s a special program presented to students between the ages of 12 and 18. Every summer these incredible young folks spend a week in the wilderness of an Indiana state park to learn about the Constitution and American liberties. Between boating, hiking and swimming they come indoors to listen to presentations from experts from around the nation teaching about what makes our nation special. Every other year Tom DeWeese teaches them about property rights. 

On the first night, as the children prepared for “Pirate’s night,” dressed in pirate garb and with squirt guns firing, Tom takes center stage to teach them about a new kind of pirate - the Security and Prosperity Partnership (or the North American Union). The next morning Tom gives them back-to-back hour long presentations. The first is his standard camp talk about the importance of private property rights. Then he gives the kids a presentation like none he has delivered before. He tells them first hand about his historic United Nations debate at Cambridge University in England, and then he tells how that experience has let to an opportunity to expand the freedom movement around the world. Truly, Tom DeWeese at his impassioned best!

Audio presentation on DVD, no video just audio.

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