Now Tell Me I Was Wrong by Tom DeWeese

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Now Tell Me I Was Wrong by Tom DeWeese

This book is a collection of articles published in The DeWeese Report during the past 15 years. These articles were written during some of the greatest changes to our government, schools, economy and personal freedoms yet witnessed in American history. Ignored by most in the nation at the time, the results of the implementation of these policies are now at the very root of massive discontent in the nation. 

As today’s Tea Party rises in protest, many wonder where such a movement came from. Over the past fifteen years Tom DeWeese has been sounding the alarms over government land grabs, radical environmentalists, radical “reform” in the schools, attacks on our national sovereignty and UN-driven global governance. For his efforts, Tom DeWeese was not only ignored, but derided and labeled an alarmist. Now, however, those policies he warned us about are front page headlines fueling a national discontent. As they rip apart our nation and protests grow in our streets, Tom DeWeese issues this challenge… “Now tell me I was wrong.”

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