Stop Agenda 21 Action Kit 2

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The Stop Agenda 21 Action Kit is the most comprehensive tool yet devised to help activists fight the policies of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. To compile this information, I have consulted with the nation’s leading experts; quizzed activists in the field to find the tools they need; and put it all together in one complete kit. Hundreds of activist from across the nation have purchased the original kit and the feedback has been excitement and satisfaction that it does indeed provide the tools they need. Now it’s been updated to include new information, tactics and tools. 


What is included in the Stop Agenda 21 Action Kit 2:


Stop Agenda 21 Manual

Includes a history of Agenda 21 and who is behind it; details on regional government; Smart Growth, conservation easements; sustainable farming; ties to the public school education curriculum; ties to religion, sustainable medicine; National Heritage Areas, Benefit Corporations, the dangers of Conservation Easements, and the truth about global warming.



The heart of the Action Kit is the Workbook, featuring details on how to fight back, Property Rights Councils, sample legislation, sample petitions, sample resolutions, links to Agenda 21, side-by side analysis of two actual community development plans showing their direct links to Agenda 21, and re-printable handouts for passing out at public meetings. The workbook also contains a complete manual on “Coordination.”


Workbook CD-ROM

The Workbook CD includes all of the sample pass outs in full color), plus Dr. Michael Coffman’s famous Bio-diversity map, plus direct links to the actual Agenda 21 document and direct links to the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. The CD is designed to put these documents in you computer for easy printouts and for forwarding to your fellow activists, or linking to articles.


DVD Package #1

Presentations by Tom DeWeese, featuring an easy-to understand overview o Agenda 21, who is behind it and how it is being brought into local communities hidden as local policy; Dr. Michael Coffman connects the dots from Agenda 21 to many other issues you are facing; Michael Chapman shows how public school curriculum is dominated by Agenda 21/global citizenship goals; and Don Casey shows how Agenda 21 policies are taking over rural America, from land control to Sustainable Farming.


DVD Package #2

2 video workshops: one by Beverly Eakman on countering consensus meetings; the second by Dan Byfield on using the effective tool called “Coordination;” and a 14 minute power point presentation by John Anthony, designed to show to skeptical elected officials.


Workbook #2 Planners and How to Fight Back

This brand new manual gives all the background details on who the planners are, including ICLEI and the American Planning Association (APA). It includes a complete copy of the APA’s “Glossary for the Public,” detailing the schemes APA is teaching its members to disguise the purpose of their planning programs from the public. Most importantly, this manual includes the latest tools and tactics for fighting back against Agenda 21, including the “Resolution for Protection of Citizen’s Property Rights,” and how to use it.     


Shattered Dreams

A manual featuring stories of the victims of sustainable policy. They tell us there are no victims − that Sustainable Development is just a plan to make things in the community better, healthy, and livable. Here are a collection of stories of regular Americans who found out otherwise. Some even when to jail just because they tried to fix up their yard or use THEIR property.


Special Report: Agenda 21 and How to Stop It

Written by nationally-recognized Agenda 21 expert Tom DeWeese, this 35 page booklet gives a brief, but detailed overview of Agenda 21, its origins; details of the infamous “three Es;” the four ways Agenda 21 is implemented throughout the nation; and details on some of the main Planners who are enforcing the policy of Sustainable Development.

This booklet also includes brand new step by step ideas on how to fight back in local communities, including definitions on property rights useful in writing legislation and a “Resolution to Protect Citizens’ Property Rights,” that is becoming a valuable new tool across the nation to challenge local planning regulations.


Special Report: Sustainable Development and the Control of Energy (The growing battle over Smart Meters)

This report details the real reasons behind the government’s enforcement of the Smart Meters, the health and privacy violations, and the political agenda behind it all.         

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